About Keepers

From the 1950s to present day, Keepers Pier has always been revered as one of the best and most productive fishing piers on the entire US Gulf Coast. It’s location, water depth, and abundance of fish species can make for an outstanding fishing experience that will leave you with memories for years to come. Our concrete Pier stretches 1230 feet out into the Gulf; putting you on the same fish you will find on a boat 10-15 miles out. The record fish for the pier is a 13’7″, yes that’s 13 Feet, 7 inch Tiger Shark. That was caught back in the 60s, but the most recent record was an 11′ 7″ Tiger Shark caught on Memorial Day 2003. Today you can find almost every salt water species at Keepers Pier. Today anglers catch Pompano, Tarpon, King Fish, Shark, Speckled (Spotted) Sea Trout, Red Fish, Black Drum, Catfish.

  • For more on the types of fish you can catch year round at Keepers Pier click here.